Twenty Nineteen Is Ready For Gutenberg

Twenty Nineteen is the latest in a long line of WordPress default themes. Since 2010 we’ve come to expect the release of a new default theme every year. But, Twenty Eighteen was skipped, due mostly to the effort and attention that was poured into the creation of the Gutenberg block editor.

Now that we finally have a new default theme, it’s time to dive in and get acquainted with Twenty Nineteen. This tutorial provides a quick tour of the new theme and its unique features.

Twenty Nineteen is Gutenberg-ready, of course. The theme includes custom styling for all of Gutenberg’s many blocks. That means it’s relatively easy to create beautiful pages with Twenty Nineteen and Gutenberg.

In this lesson, I also explain why you shouldn’t shy away from using older Twenty themes. They’re Gutenberg-ready too.

So, if Twenty Nineteen isn’t right for your website, don’t hesitate to take a look at Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Fourteen or any of the other Twenty themes, for that matter.




2 thoughts on “Twenty Nineteen Is Ready For Gutenberg”

  1. Hi Kirk,

    Thanks for this lesson. I’d been poking around a bit in 2019 during our theme search, but it all makes more sense with you explaining it!

    I was glad you touched on the Gutenberg ready issue.

    Do you think a theme needs to be “Gutenberg optimized” or is “ready” okay?


    1. Hi Linda,

      I think either designation is probably fine. It really comes down to whether or not the theme has included styling for the Gutenberg blocks. And with new blocks on their way, this will be an ongoing issue. Themes that get frequent updates will probably be more Gutenberg ready than those that don’t.


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