WordPress Theme Customizer

Once you’ve installed a new theme you’ll want to customize it to meet your needs. In many cases you can do that without touching the underlying code. This video shows you how to use the WordPress theme options to transform your theme into something unique. Choose an alternate color scheme, change the theme layout, and customize the header and background images — all without having to touch a line of HTML or CSS.

If you need help finding or installing a new theme, see our earlier video on using WordPress themes.

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14 thoughts on “WordPress Theme Customizer”

  1. Hi Kirk,

    I want to change the default wording of the tagline between the site title and the header but can only see how to retain or remove the tile itself and the tag line together. Could you advise me please.

    Many thanks,


  2. I have the Genesis/Metric theme. Is there a way I can edit background colors w/o CSS or Php. If I was able to understand the different sections of the pages then I could find the colors and use the proper codes in the CSS style sheets. Can you advise me.

  3. Hi Grafton,

    Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the Metric theme to work with, so it’s difficult to give you specific directions. I would check the documentation for the Metric child theme. If there’s no information there I’d try asking Genesis support. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

  4. @Jayne, which theme are you using? If Twenty Eleven, you’ll need to modify the header.php template file to put an image above the header block.

  5. Kirk,

    Thanks so much for your helpful course. Worth every penny!

    How can I change the font size of the content inside my posts?

    I think it is a little too small (without zooming in with my browser), as are about 90% of all web sites IMO. I find myself zooming in on almost every single web site I visit, even with my big new desktop screen.

    I have googled this question and the results are not helpful.

  6. Hi Kirk,
    Just finished watching the Customizing Theme tutorial and found extremely helpful. I have one question. How do I add customized pictures to the random menu?

    1. Hi Shrey,

      The reason most people use WordPress is so they don’t have to code. But if you’re really intent on building a site from scratch and you have absolutely no coding experience you have a pretty big learning curve ahead of you. At minimum you need to learn HTML, CSS, and a good bit of PHP. Some knowledge of JavaScript will help too. Once you’ve got those down you’ll need to learn about the WordPress theme API and coding best practices. A good place to start is with one of the WordPress default themes (Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Twelve, etc.). Create a child theme based on one of those themes and customize to your liking. Consult the WordPress Codex as needed.

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