Build a Beautiful Business Website in Three Steps

I can’t decide whether the hardest part about WordPress is finding the perfect theme, or making the perfect theme look right once it’s been installed. In either case, it’s quite a challenge for a novice to build a beautiful business website with WordPress.

I’ve seen many WordPress users struggle for months (years even) trying to put the pieces together, only to wind up with a disappointing website.

If any of this sounds familiar, this video is for you. I demonstrate what may seem like an impossible task. I build a beautiful business website with WordPress in about ten minutes.

So, what’s the catch?

I start from scratch, and I use only free tools. (that’s not really a catch).

Oh, it’s also an eCommerce site complete with sample products and a working shopping cart. (also not a catch).

The tools I use offer commercial upgrades with more features (sort of a catch), but you don’t need to pay to get the results I demonstrate in this video.

This may seem like the Holy Grail for a lot of WordPress users.

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5 thoughts on “Build a Beautiful Business Website in Three Steps”

  1. Hi Kirk

    I have been struggling with ‘themes’ for some time. Your video is great. Thanks.

    Is there a way in which I can add this video to my WP Apprentice ‘classroom’?

    1. Thanks Doug.

      For now, these videos aren’t part of one of my courses, so they aren’t yet available in the member area. That will probably change sometime in 2020. I’m still deciding what territory I’ll cover in these new lessons. Student feedback will have a big impact on where this goes.


    1. Hi Ken. Yes, you can! But I would proceed with a bit of caution. I suggest building a local copy of your website, then using that as a testing area to see how the plugin interacts with your existing products. You can download the free Local tool from the link below the lessons. Then use a plugin like Duplicator to make a copy of your production site.

      My main concern would be how the imported test content interacts with your live content. You don’t want test products in your shop, so you might have to do some cleanup after you install a starter site.

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