WordPress 4.9.6 Briefing

Typically WordPress maintenance releases include bug fixes and security patches only — not new features. But, WordPress 4.9.6 is not your typical maintenance release.

In this briefing, I explain why this maintenance release includes new features and why it wasn’t numbered 5.0.  I also take you on a quick tour of the new GDPR features and explain how this update relates to the EU’s new privacy regulations.


1 thought on “WordPress 4.9.6 Briefing”

  1. Hi Kirk,

    Finally viewed this video about 4.9.6 (now that we’re already on 5.9.8)! Great information…very helpful to know. We’ve had a privacy policy always, but I’ll now update it using the template you directed us to. Also now know about the user privacy additions which I had not noticed until seeing them in your video.

    Thanks for keeping us current, despite how rapidly everything keeps changing!


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