WordPress 3.9 Briefing

WordPress 3.9 is here with some great updates that make it easier than ever to add photos, audio, and video to your website. Not only that, the theme customizer now includes widget previews, greatly simplifying the process of setting up a new theme.

This short video takes you on a quick tour of the new enhancements.

As usual, the WordPress Essentials course has been updated with full with tutorials showing you how to take advantage of the latest changes in WordPress.

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4 thoughts on “WordPress 3.9 Briefing”

  1. The Text Editor is dumbed down and ruined for serious writers. You can no longer drag TEXT into it! Huge, huge mistake on the part of the developers. Turning WP into Instagram ain’t the answer.

    My whole workflow is destroyed with 3.9. We used to be able to drag text, clippings, links, tweets, almost anything except images right into the Text Editor. Now ONLY images. Very sad. I’m telling everyone not to upgrade.

  2. Interesting. I’m not sure that’s the intended behavior. For the record the underlying text editor was upgraded to the latest version of TinyMCE, so it’s possible some new compatibility issues snuck in with that change. It’s also possible we may see a few broken plugins too.

  3. Good to know that the TinyMCE script has been updated to the latest version. Unfortunately, some plugin developers didn’t test the their plugin during the beta version of WP 3.9, and thus, some users might notice that the button is no longer in the TinyMCE editor.

    @JHF: Didn’t know about that. I think you should give your feedback about this matter to the core team.

  4. Several of the issues noted should be fixed in 3.9.1, due out later this week. I believe the issue JHF noted above will be fixed as part of that release.

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