WordPress 3.8 Briefing

WordPress 3.8 is here and the WP Admin area has received a major makeover. The all new admin is now responsive and should work just as well on smartphones and tablets as it does on laptops and full-sized PCs. This short video takes you on a tour of the latest features and explains why WordPress updates are becoming more frequent.


10 thoughts on “WordPress 3.8 Briefing”

  1. Robert,

    Looks like your WAMP server timed out waiting for the download to complete. You may be able to update the timeout setting that PHP uses.

    Are you able to update plugins on your setup?

  2. One of the things I’ve always disliked about WP is that it is a total hack, lacking in consistent design principles. This plugin first approach to WP development suggests to me that perhaps a way to solve the hack nature of WP is to move existing functionality out of core and into plugins, thus arriving at a smaller core that could then be completely rewritten in OO php using design patterns, and other consistent design principles. Then when that is done, functionality could be moved back from plugins into core. Just a thought.

  3. I wouldn’t hold my breathe if I were you Greg. There was a movement a few years back to move everything non-essential out of core and into plugins. The plugin first approach seems to be a reversal of that worldview. That said, the core dev team is getting much more serious about coding standard, so maybe your concerns will be addressed over time.

  4. Thanks for this quick “prepare for 3.8” video, Kirk. I knew it was coming; in preparation, have just completed a manual backup of my site and databases, ready to upgrade to it. It’s great that you’ve updated WPApprentice to reflect the new update … although I don’t know how you found the time!

    As an aside, as soon as it fits, I’m going to sign up for one of the automatic backup programs you recommended, either BackupBuddy or VaultPress (appreciated the lessons on each of them). This manual way is hugely time-consuming for a resource-stretched 2 person business!

    On to 3.8 …

  5. Aha! We’re updated and it worked flawlessly. Rechecked your quick video here re. how to personalize admin page (in User Profile) and am trying out Ectoplasm, the closest I could get to green (although their green is a tad bilious!),

    Thanks for your onscreen help through all this!


  6. Yep, that’s the thing about backups Linda. They’re such a nuisance they won’t get done consistently unless you automate the process.

  7. Beautifully done, Kirk! This course is really a pleasure to watch, follow and learn from! You are a star!

  8. Thanks for creating this video. I’m a brand new member here and I know almost nothing. I have a lot to learn moving forward and I feel like I’ve found one of the better WordPress training sites available.

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