WordPress Backup Plugins: BackupBuddy

In my previous screencast, I explained why it’s critical that you have a WordPress disaster plan. I also provided you with a worksheet you can use to create your own plan. Having a plan ensures that you’re prepared to deal with any catastrophe that might take down your site.

I demonstrate a WordPress backup plugin that meets all of the requirements identified in the planning worksheet in this video. BackupBuddy (affiliate link) is a commercial plugin that allows you to perform both database and complete site backups (including all plugin and theme files).

BackupBuddy allows you to schedule your backups to run at regular intervals and even allows you to automatically move your backups to a secure location. The plugin also comes with a restore script that will help you get your site back online quickly if something ever goes wrong.

I put BackupBuddy through its paces in this screencast.


4 thoughts on “WordPress Backup Plugins: BackupBuddy”

  1. Hi Kirk,

    I wondered is the backup files transferred to the Amazon S3 are automatically protected or we have to put them in a directory only accessible to the administrator and then the files are protected?

    Thank you,


  2. Hi Lucy,

    Good question, I’ve never had to set any S3 permissions for BackupBuddy. All of my backup files are set to Read: Owner. So, it looks like BackupBuddy automatically sets the right permissions. Which is what I would expect.


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