Using WordPress Categories

This screencast introduces you to WordPress categories and category management. Categories are used to classify and organize WordPress posts. If you use categories well, you’ll help your readers find the content they’re looking for, and you might also improve your search engine ranking.

This video also includes some tips for working with the default category.

WordPress tags, the other tool for organizing posts, are covered in a separate video.


3 thoughts on “Using WordPress Categories”

  1. Hello from Joaquin.
    I submitted a comment yesterday.
    Today still I am very impressed by your free Word Press training videos.

    I’m a member of FreePLRpro & PLRPro which means Private Label Rights.
    They have a forum there where the members freely exchange information about using Word Press and other marketing things.
    I’m going to go the forum at PLRPro and let them know that, in my opinion, they should check out your Word Press Training Videos.

    So I expect you will receive quite a few visitors from PLRPro who will want to receive training with your training videos.

    Thank You

    Joaquin Kenyon

  2. Hi Kirk, is there a way to arrange the “categories” in a way other than alphabetical or numerical? There’s a method to my category order and I would rather they show up that way. I assigned numbers to them and that worked, but it’s cumbersome and looks weird.

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