Managing WordPress Users

This lesson shows you everything you need to know about creating and managing users in WordPress. If you’re running your WordPress website solo, you may not *think* you need to create additional users. But, as I explain in this screencast, there are plenty of reasons why you might take advantage of WordPress’s multi-user capabilities.

If you need help understanding user roles, be sure to watch the video where I explain WordPress user roles in detail.


8 thoughts on “Managing WordPress Users”

  1. Very helpful. Like the info about choice of user name as well as display name.

    Our business site was set up by another and he gave me “admin” as a user name. You indicated that it can’t be changed easily but, given the “hack-ability” of it (which I hadn’t known), I’d like to try. Is it possible to access the database if one is very careful and proceeds one step at a time? Creating another account doesn’t sound ideal unless all admin data can be transferred to the new account. Or am I missing something?

    If there is another source you can direct me to for answers, I’m happy to do that to save you time in a reply that could be lengthy!

  2. Wow. That’s great. Thanks, so much Kirk. I’ll get at it tomorrow… and you’re right, there are unbelievable numbers of plugins out there! (that’s why I’m about to start your Create a WP Plugin Inventory course!)

  3. Follow up question: just checked and the plugin doesn’t follow all your instructions for “good” plugins in that it’s compatible up to only v. 3.4 and was last updated August 2012.

    Can I still go ahead with it? I’ll hold off until I hear back – after all, I’ve been “admin” for ages!



  4. Hi Linda,

    Sadly, it looks like there aren’t any more current plugins for this task. Sometimes you have to break the rules. I think that plugin should work fine. Just be sure you’ve got a current backup before activating and using.

  5. Just saw this, Kirk. Sorry to be slow in noticing you’d replied. Appreciate your answer.I will go ahead and give it a try and, once I have, let you know how it went by posting back here. Thanks!

  6. P.S. Just went to the plugins user forum and found this post:
    I just discovered that the “Admin Username Changer” plugin is not compatible with the current version of WordPress. Instead of using that plugin, the admin username can be changed easily with the following steps:
    1) Create a new user account with admin access.
    2) Logout and then back in using the new username.
    3) Delete the original admin user account.

    Do you agree with this process? If I delete my admin account, won’t I delete all the edits I’ve done under that username?


  7. Hi Linda,

    Thanks, that’s good to know. I haven’t had time to test that plugin with the latest version of WordPress yet.

    The method you describe should work. When you delete a user WordPress give you the opportunity to assign the posts created by that user to another user. From a security standpoint it’s better to assign those posts to a user without admin permissions.


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