How to Use the WordPress Media Library

The WordPress media library is the central location where all of the files you upload to WordPress are stored. The Media Library allows you to manage and modify those files. You can easily add descriptive titles and captions to your images, documents, and videos.

The WordPress Media Library also includes some handy image editing tools that allow you to quickly crop, resize, and modify photos.

This screencast also provides an overview of the WordPress media settings, explaining how each of the settings impact the way WordPress works with the media files that you’ve uploaded.


3 thoughts on “How to Use the WordPress Media Library”

  1. @peter

    The file size limit is a PHP setting that can’t be changed in WordPress. If you have root access to your server you can change the setting in the php.ini file. Change upload_max_filesize = 8MB to whatever you’d like the new limit to be.

    If you don’t have access to the php.ini contact your system administrator.

  2. Good day
    Was viewing this tutorial video “How to Use the WordPress Media”
    – and at the 60-65% mark, it just abruptly ends.
    Tried to restart a few times and encountered the same glitch

    Please help

    Best regards

    Daniel Low

  3. Hi Daniel,
    I’m able to play the video all the way through. Please try clearing your browser cache, it’s possible that’s the problem.

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