Categories vs. Tags

Categories and tags are important tools in your content management arsenal. You use them to organize your posts and provide a better user experience to your site visitors. If you’re new to WordPress you might be confused about when to use one or the other. This screencast explains the differences between categories and tags and provides some general guidelines for when to use each type of metadata. As a bonus, this video also shows you how to convert categories and tags. So, if your categories and tags are out of control, there’s still hope that you can restore order to your site.

To bring yourself up to speed be sure to watch the companion screencasts on using categories and using tags.


4 thoughts on “Categories vs. Tags”

  1. Hi Kirk,
    I’ve been trying to add categories and subcategories on my sidebar—not successful.


  2. Hi Kirk, you are an excellent communicator, plus you are very clear and a good teacher! You have a plug-in that sat at the very bottom on the right side of the page, and it indicated whether you were online with the green dot lit up or if not you could send a message to you – please tell me the name of that plug- in, our program whatever it is and where I can get it. Cause I’m setting up a website and would like to use something like that. Thanks Mike :o)

  3. Thanks for the kind words!
    The real-time support system I use is part of support package from (not a plugin, you have to add a bit of javascript to your theme file).

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