Add an Image Gallery to Your Sidebar

Note: The plugin used in this video is not compatible with WordPress 3.5. The video will be re-recorded when a plugin update is available. For the time being this lesson is considered deprecated.

It’s easy to create a photo gallery in any WordPress post or page, but adding a collection of images to your sidebar is a little more work. For one thing, the Gallery shortcode won’t work in the sidebar. This tutorial shows you how to work around that limitation by using the Simple Gallery Widget. As a bonus, I explain why the gallery shortcode doesn’t work in this situation (hint: it’s all about the Loop).


5 thoughts on “Add an Image Gallery to Your Sidebar”

  1. Yes, but how exactly do you pull individual images in from your photo gallery into this widget? I don’t see an upload box or anything???

  2. Hi Mandi,

    Unfortunately, the plugin used in this video doesn’t display single images. There may be other plugins that work differently, but you’d have to do a bit of research to find one that meets your exact needs.

    One workaround would be to create a gallery with only one image, then use the post ID in the widget to display the gallery with a single image.

    It might be easier to just hand code the image in a text widget. To do that, position a text widget in your side bar and then add the HTML image code: <img src=”” />

    You can find the URL for your image in your media library.

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