WordPress Gutenberg Briefing

Something big is about to hit the WordPress world. It’s code-named Gutenberg. In this briefing, I explain what Gutenberg is and when you can expect it.

I also take you on a tour of the latest beta and explain how a new generation of WordPress plugins will unlock the power of Gutenberg.


20 thoughts on “WordPress Gutenberg Briefing”

  1. Wow, Kirk, thanks for this highly informative briefing and for being ahead of time…as usual! I’ve been hearing so much about Gutenberg and now understand what all the chatter is about. Should be fun to see how our already “challenging” custom theme reacts to this! We’ll watch for your next videos before finalizing our decision about a new theme for our site! In this respect, your briefing is highly timely.

    Thanks for this heads up, presented in your usual clear, calm, easy to understand style!!


  2. Excellent Summary!
    Kirk, You gave me a concise presentation that is to-the-point in delivering the most important information quickly. As always, I can count on you to provide an enjoyable learning experience that I can walk away with practical knowledge can use.

  3. Hello Kirk –

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated with Gutenberg. I think it may be a bit early to ask this question but do you know if/are you able to foresee whether or not Gutenberg is likely to conflict drastically with plugins like the VamTam editor (if you have any experience with this plugin) that already deal with formatting using their own blocks?

    1. Hi Zachary,

      I am not familiar with the VamTam editor, but I am testing some of the most popular themes and page builder plugins. I’ll have more info in my next update.

      Ultimately, it’s best to create a clone of your site and test that in a safe space with the Gutenberg plugin active. More on that in the next vid too.

      1. You will need to contact the vamtam developer and report the conflict. In the meantime, use the Classic Editor plugin.

  4. Thank you Kirk,

    I agree, a very interesting and informative video.

    It seems like Gutenberg has many of the features of page builder themes and plugins like Beaver Builder and Divi. If you’re using a page builder theme (I’m currently using Avada) do you think Gutenberg will affect the page editing process?


    1. Hi Phyl,

      Actually, my next update includes a hands-on test with Avada, Beaver Builder, and Divi.

      There are definitely some issues with Avada. More on that next week.

  5. Thanks for the Gutenberg briefing. If possible can you test the Thrive Architect Plugin (Page builder) with the other plugins mentioned above with your next update?

    Thanks for all of your hard work.


  6. Thanks for that very helpful and informative video. I’m just wandering, if I have a new block of text and want to insert an image to the right of the text, I can’t see anyway of doing it. Do you think I would have to go into the code editor and float an image to the right?

    1. Hi Pete,

      Well, this is exactly the sort of thing Gutenberg is *supposed* to make easy. That being said, it took me way too long to figure it out.

      Try this.

      1. Create a paragraph block and add your text.
      2. Just below, create an image block. Select your image and use the toolbar to set the alignment – left or right.
      3. Use the position button on the left to move the image up. That will float the image next to the text.

        1. Absolutely. Also, it’s a work in progress. Which means we can expect it to continue evolving once it’s released.

  7. I post a very basic web page. One drawback of the current editor is that I have to go to preview to see an embedded Cincopa video. Two questions:
    1. Will Gutenberg continue to work with the Cincopa plug-in?
    2. Will I be able to see the resulting Cincopa video without going to Preview?

    Or will I just need to wait until Gutenberg is released?


    1. Hi Jerry,

      I would reach out to Cincopa and ask them about their plans for Gutenberg. They could create a Gutenberg block, that you would then install as a plugin. That would allow you to preview your video on the edit screen.

      Or, if Cincopa supports the standard oEmbed method, you can just use the regular video embed tool. Most video hosting services support oEmbed.


  8. HI KIRK
    One more time a very informative video to keep us up to date and prepared about what is coming. i am actually in a process of redoing my website and i had chosen DIVI theme. so now i need to go to the developer and discuss it with him and possible future issues.
    thank you again.

  9. Wow Kirk. Thank you so much for updating us with Gutenberg. I’ve been absent for a while and not following latest developments, and it’s an awakening moment to receive this update. Looks as though we need to get up to date with the ramifications and info is key. Thanks for providing this to us.

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