WordPress Gutenberg Block Basics

After months of waiting, you’re finally ready to jump in and learn about the WordPress Gutenberg block editor!

In this introductory lesson, we cover Gutenberg block basics. We start with an introduction to block concepts — explaining what blocks are and where blocks come from. You’ll also learn how to find blocks, how to add and move blocks, and how to remove blocks from your post or page.

This tutorial covers the basic concepts that apply to nearly every block. Future lessons dig deeper into block types and specific blocks.

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5 thoughts on “WordPress Gutenberg Block Basics”

  1. Your Gutenberg videos are very well done and most helpful. But, why would we want to use Gutenberg if we are already using Page Builder?

    Thanks so much for sharing great information!

    Sharon Jackson
    Austin College

    1. Thanks, and great question. The answer is, you likely won’t use Gutenberg if you’re already using another page builder plugin. Some future version of Gutenberg may offer a more full featured alternative to what current page builders can accomplish, but we’re not even close to that yet. This is the first iteration of a long-term process.

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