Will Gutenberg Break Your WordPress Website?

The response to my last video was overwhelming. Pretty much every email and comment expressed the same concern. It seems everyone is worried that Gutenberg will break their WordPress site.

It’s a hard question to answer because:

a) Gutenberg is still in beta, so it’s still evolving, and

b) there are a mind-boggling number of themes and plugins, and it certainly seems possible that some of those won’t play well with Gutenberg.

To help answer some of your questions I’ve recorded a new video where I test several popular WordPress products with Gutenberg.

In today’s video, I test Gutenberg with Divi, Avada, and Beaver Builder.

I also show you some of the problems to be on the lookout for when you test your own website. And I recommend some workarounds for the problems I encountered along the way.


7 thoughts on “Will Gutenberg Break Your WordPress Website?”

  1. Hello. Thanks for making this video. I work exclusively with Divi and am very nervous about the release of Gut. I have 100+ client sites using divi and ET has not said much in the way of how it will work with Gut. (at least that I can find)… would you recommend preemptively installing the classic editor plugin to disable Gut. as a stop gap solution until ET gets it together?


    1. This will require a bit of experimentation Sara. My guess would be that ET and others find a way to work more elegantly (ha!) with Gutenberg. On the other hand, given the number of sites you’re supporting, that’s not something you want to leave to chance.

      I would first look at plugins that disable Gutenberg, like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-gutenberg/

      The classic editor will still be a part of the WP distribution. You just want to make sure Gutenberg isn’t activated on those sites.

      1. Thanks for disable Gutenberg plugin. I think some themes could have problem with Gutenberg

        So this plugin is very useful.

        1. Thanks Ray! It’s always good to have options. And, as you’ve noted, some situations require a little more stealth.

  2. This clarified a whole bunch of things for me! Thanks for the great walk through.

    One question: have you run across situations where, just by enabling Gutenberg, the front end of a site is broken?

    1. Terri, I have seen at least one example of a site that didn’t look quite right when Gutenberg is enabled. In the example I’m thinking about, Gutenberg was causing WordPress to add additional HTML to the page in a way that conflicted with the active theme. But, that was several iterations ago. The beta of Gutenberg has been updated dozens of times since then. For this update, you really have to clone your site and test Gutenberg in a safe environment. I recommend Local by Flywheel.

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