Gutenberg and Your Existing WordPress Content

Are you one of the millions of WordPress users contemplating the impending release of the Gutenberg editor? If so, you are probably more than a little anxious about what that means for all of your existing content. Is it possible to convert your WordPress posts and pages to Gutenberg?

In this tutorial you’ll learn what happens when you open a traditional WordPress post or page in the new Gutenberg editor. We also exam some other common scenarios – pages built with a page builder like Beaver Builder and pages built with a the Divi theme and page builder.

Bonus: You’ll also get some tips on how to roll back your changes if you accidentally mangle something with Gutenberg.


4 thoughts on “Gutenberg and Your Existing WordPress Content”

  1. Great video as usual, Kirk.

    As you demonstrated Gutenberg takes pre-existing content and places it into one block k/a Classic.

    A lot of people are not going to be happy with that solution as editing a Classic block is very difficult. For example, how do you add media?

    I recommend users convert the Classic block to regular Gutenberg blocks by using the Convert To Block option. That way it will be much easier (possible) to edit pre-existing content.

    How to do this is explained in my article, “What Will Happen To Your Web Site When Gutenberg Is Launched?”

    For users who are very concerned about the affect Gutenberg will have on their sites I suggest using the Classic Editor plugin as a stop gap measure before they move to Gutenberg.

  2. Hello Kirk,

    Thanks for this helpful tutorial. I’ve a plain vanilla post / page setup (without any page builders), but I use a bunch of shortcodes to insert gallery images (JetPack) and to display author profiles, etc. What would be the best way to make sure that the upgrade doesn’t break anything?

    Kind regards

    1. The good news is that you shouldn’t have to worry much about shortcodes. Those will continue to work as long as the related plugin or theme remains active. And Gutenberg adds a new shortcode block. Given what you’ve described, I think the upgrade will be relatively uneventful for you. But do make a backup just to be safe.

  3. Hi – I use the plain vanilla WP – however I do have a page with a table and links within the table – when using Gutenburg the table is cutoff and I can not find a way to expand the view.
    When I have to add links to this page, I am switch back to Classic – is there a way to see the whole page and edit it within Gutenburg?

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