Business Website Blueprint

Isn’t it time you had a feature rich, state-of-the-art business website with all the bells and whistles? That’s easy to update and looks great too?!
  • Build a professional looking website without hiring an expensive designer.
  • Learn how to find the right WordPress theme for your site.
  • Recommended plugins that ensure your site gets results.
  • Step-by-step videos guide you to success.

Learn how to create a stunning business website with WordPress

Blueprint Course Modules and Lessons

Getting Started
Planning Your Site
Site Design
Building Your Site
Add Business Features
Site Maintenance
Bonus Training
Getting Started

Module 1: Getting Started

We'll start by focusing on the foundational pieces of your online presence. By the time you’re finished you’ll have a domain name, a web host, and a working version of WordPress installed and ready to go.


  • Your Business Domain Name
  • Finding a Web Host
  • Installing WordPress: Manual
  • Installing WordPress: cPanel

Planning Your Site

Module 2: Planning Your Business Website

What’s the difference between a disappointing website and a website that becomes an indespensible business asset? In a word, planning. Before we start building anything we’re going to spend some time thinking about our goals and developing a plan. This phase includes everything from planning our content to creatinhg a budget (ensuring we won't have unanticiapted expenses later on).


  • Defining Your Business Website
  • Content Planning
  • Diagram Your Website
  • Create a Site Budget

Site Design

Module 3: Site Design with WordPress Themes

Once we've finished the planning phase, it’s time to start thinking about how we want our website to look. Fortunately, the WordPress theme system makes it nearly impossible to build an ugly looking website. Unfortunately the popularity of WordPress creates a whole new challenge — finding the right theme for your site. In this module you’ll learn more about WordPress themes and get plenty of advice on how to find the perfect theme for your business website. There's also an emphasis on finding a mobile friendly theme that ensures smartphone using customers have the best possible experience when they visit the site.


  • WordPress Themes
  • Themes: Where to Look
  • Themes: What to Look For
  • Customize Your Theme

Building Your Site

Module 4: Building Your Website

Finally, it’s time to build the site. In this module you’ll see the step-by-step process of creating a business website from scratch with WordPress. This in-depth module literally walks you through every stage of the site building process.


  • Project Overview
  • Preparing to Build The Site
  • Creating Core Content
  • Creating News and Blog Posts
  • Set the Home Page and Blog Page
  • Organizing Content
  • Custom Post Types
  • Customizing the Theme Settings
  • Build the Home Page
  • Enhancing Core Content
  • Site Migration

Add Business Features

Module 5: Adding Business Features

With the core website in place, it’s time to add some business functionality. In this module we'll add features that create a richer experience for the site’s visitors, and provide more information and actionable data to you as a business owner.


  • Collecting Data with Gravity Forms
  • Improve Your WordPress Site with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Create a Contact Form
  • Create an Email Subscription Form
  • Improve On-Site Search
  • Track Your Progress with Web Analytics
  • Making Social Connections
  • Add Audio and Video
  • Create a Survey
  • Create a Calendar of Events

Site Maintenance

Module 6: Ongoing Maintenance

The easiest way to ensure that your business website remains happy, healthy, and secure, is to perform regular routine maintenance. This module shows you what you need to do to keep WordPress current and your website safe.


  • WordPress Security Plugin: Better WP Security Setup Guide
  • Upgrading Your WordPress Website
  • Prepare for the Worst: WordPress Disaster Planning
  • WordPress Backups with BackupBuddy
  • WordPress Backups with VaultPress

Bonus Training

Bonus Training

  • WordPress Essentials Course (a $79 value). The full 48 lesson course is included with the Website Blueprint.
  • A Practical SEO Action Plan (a $49 value). This one hour session teaches you the basic concepts of how SEO works and provides you with a practical action plan for optimizing your WordPress website.
  • Think Mobile: Strategies for success on the mobile web (a $49 value). In-depth coverage of the mobile revolution. Learn how to make your smartphone using customers happy.
  • WordPress Plugin Guide: Video Course This Guide features plugins that delight customers, entices prospects, and produces measurable results. This video course includes 22 step-by-step tutorials. (a $49 value)
  • WordPress Theme Mechanics Webinar (a $29 value). One hour introduction to the inner workings of the WordPress theme system.
  • WordPress Security Briefing (a $29 value). Avoid common security problems and keep your WordPress site secure with this one hour security briefing.

Declare Independence From Your Webmaster!

A Blueprint for Success

The Blueprint is a complete guide to building a professional looking, highly functional business website with WordPress.

Step-by-Step Videos

Watch as a WordPress expert builds a complete business website from scratch. You’ll see how a site is transformed from the default WordPress theme with no content, to a high-impact, professional looking website.

Find the Right Design

Overwhelmed by WordPress design options? We explain the different types of WordPress themes and the critical features that are most important to your website.

Reach Your Mobile Customers

Stop driving your smartphone using customers to the competition. Learn how to find a WordPress theme that looks as good on small screens as it does on full-sized computers.

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Bonus: WordPress Essentials Course

Brush up on your WordPress skills with WP Essentials. The Blueprint includes full access to the starter course covering core WordPress skills and concepts. (a $79 value)

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Build a World-Class Website

WordPress is the web publishing system of choice for leading businesses and media companies around the world. Used by CNN, Time Magazine, BBC, Sports Illustrated and many more. 22% of all websites run on WordPress.

Site Planning Tools

Downloadable planning worksheets help you plan identify your online business goals, plan and organize your content for maximum impact, evaluate business themes, and more.

Add Business Features To Your Site

From email signup forms to web analytics, we’ll show you which plugins to use and walk you through the process of setting up each one.

Answers to Your Questions

Members have access to an exclusive member-only forum where you can ask questions and get answers from a WordPress expert.

Bonus: WordPress Plugin Guide, Video Course

The Guide features plugins that delight customers, entices prospects, and produces measurable results. This video course includes 22 step-by-step tutorials. (a $49 value)

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I’m amazed by how many nagging issues discovered over the past year of trying to work in our WordPress site are explained with each new session of this course.
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