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Theme Mechanics Workshop Sessions

Session 1: Demystifying the WordPress Template System

We start with an overview of how WordPress uses a template system to generate pages on your website. This session dives into the WordPress theme folder and explains what all those mysterious PHP files are. You also learn about the critical role CSS plays in theme design. And finally, you learn why child themes are so important and how to set one up.

Session 2: Setting Up Your Theme Lab and Toolbox

Before you start customizing your WordPress theme you need a safe environment to work in and the right tools for the job. This session teaches you how to get WordPress up and running on your Mac or PC. You’ll also learn about the tools you need to customize themes.

Session 3: Customizing Theme Templates

This session dives into the inner working of theme templates. You’ll learn how WordPress template tags work to display content on your website, and you’ll learn just enough about PHP to create a child theme and start customizing your templates. This session gives you the knowledge you need to customize any page template in your WordPress theme.

Session 4: Transform your WordPress site with CSS

CSS is the language that controls every aspect of your site’s visual design. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a custom child theme entirely with CSS. Along the way, you’ll learn about tools you can use to simplify the process.

Session 5: Widgets and Menus Everywhere!

Have you ever wanted to add a new widget area to one of your page templates? Or maybe an additional menu? This session shows you how to enable WordPress features that your theme designer left out.

Session 6: Frameworks and Starter Themes

If you’re thinking about creating a custom theme, you can save a lot of time by starting with a good theme framework or starter theme. In this session, we’ll look at some popular theme frameworks and discuss the pros and cons of using someone else’s theme as a head start.

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