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Master the World's Most Popular Website Tool

WordPress Essentials

  • For beginners and intermediate users ready to master WordPress.
  • Covers all the core WordPress features.
  • No programming skills required.
  • 65 Video Lessons
  • 12+ Hours
The New Standard For WordPress Content
Learn the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

Gutenberg Essentials

  • Conquer the block editor in a little over two hours.
  • Covers the core block groups.
  • Includes lessons on moving from the Classic Editor to Gutenberg.
  • 27 Video Lessons
  • 2.75 Hours
Build A World-Class Business Website

Business Website Blueprint

  • For business owners and non-technical professionals.
  • A step-by-step site building course complete with site planning tools.
  • Includes instructions on the plugins you need to add critical business features.
  • 36 Video Lessons
  • 10+ Hours
A Practical SEO Action Plan
Search Engine Optimization

SEO Fundamentals

  • Learn how search engines work and which optimization matters most.
  • The settings and plugins you need to make WordPress even more search engine friendly.
  • The importance of keywords and how to find the best opportunties for your site.
  • 17 Video Lessons
  • 3+ Hours
Get Your eCommerce Priorities In Order

eCommerce Quick Start

  • Sell physical products, digital products, or membership access.
  • Guidance on which plugins to use for different business models.
  • Includes lessons on site security and building customer trust.
  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 2 Hours
Sell Anything From Your WordPress Website

WooCommerce Essentials

  • Sell physical products, digital products, or membership access.
  • Detailed video tutorials walk you through every step of setup.
  • Stop dreaming and start your online business today.
  • 46 Video Lessons
  • 3+ Hours
The WordPress Theme System Demystified
Do you need a WordPress child theme?

Theme Mechanics Workshop

  • Are you frustrated by the limits of the WordPress admin settings?
  • Do you yearn for more control over your website's layout and design?
  • Do you struggle to make small tweaks to your site that seem like they should be easy?
  • 6 Video Lessons
  • 6 Hours
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