WordPress Maintenance

Lessons to help you maintain your WordPress website: including updates, backups, and site security.

WordPress 3.6 Update

After a bit of a delay WordPress 3.6 has finally been released with some great new features that enhance usability and reliability. On top of that WordPress introduces Twenty Thirteen, a beautiful new default theme. Learn all about the latest WordPress release in this short video.

Seven Ways To Break Any WordPress Website

I’ve noticed that WordPress beginners have a tendency to avoid experimenting with their websites for fear that something might break. That’s unfortunate, because trial and error is actually a pretty good way to learn how WordPress works. Plus just about anything you do in WordPress can easily be undone. It’s actually nearly impossible to break …

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Five Things About WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 is set to be released momentarily. As always, you’ll want to update your WordPress website to this new release as soon as possible. If you’re not a fan of mysteries when it comes to software updates, spend six minutes watching this video and you’ll know what to expect when you upgrade to WordPress 3.5. …

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WordPress 3.4 Feature Preview

WordPress 3.4 has entered the final stages of testing and will be released any day now. This isn’t what you’d call a major release; most of what you know about WordPress won’t change much. However, there are a few nice enhancements to existing features like theme previews and custom headers, not to mention the ability …

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How to Solve the WordPress Plugin Paradox

On the one hand, WordPress plugins empower you to do just about anything you want to with your website. On the other hand, too many plugins can slow your site to a crawl (and possibly even create security problems). In this lesson you’ll learn how to take control of your plugins and avoid some of the common problems that plague many WordPress users.