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What Is WordPress?

WordPress Is The Most Popular Way To Make A Website If you’re in the market for a new website, you’ve undoubtedly heard WordPress mentioned quite a bit. Which means you’ve probably found yourself wondering, “what is WordPress anyway?” WordPress is a full-featured content management system that just happens to be the world’s most popular tool …

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WordPress Support Options

The Ultimate Guide to Finding WordPress Help

Sometimes the hardest part of using WordPress is knowing where to turn when things go wrong. Where do you turn when you need WordPress help? There are any number of situations where you will find yourself needing WordPress support. Between your theme, the plugins you’ve installed, and WordPress itself, figuring out where to turn for …

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Local by Flywheel

The Easiest Way to Install WordPress On Your Computer (Windows or Mac)

There are many reasons why you might want to install WordPress on your desktop or laptop computer. For example, you may want to use your local installation as a safe space where you can learn more about WordPress and experiment in private — sort of like training wheels for WordPress. Or you might want to …

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Managing WordPress Users

Thanks to WordPress’s multi-user capabilities you can easily delegate day-to-day site management tasks to someone else. Just create an account for that user and assign the appropriate user role. This lessons walks you through the details.