The WordPress Training Your Web Designer Should Have Given You

Linda Willis, My Go For The GreenThere’s an unfortunate story that I’ve heard dozens of times…

A business owner hires a designer to build a website. The finished site looks good but is difficult to update and maintain. To make matters worse, phone calls and emails are rarely returned. The designer has already moved on to the next project. Oh, and the designer left no documentation explaining how the site works.

I recently talked with business owner Linda Willis about her website challenges. Linda’s version of this common story has a few variations, but it mostly follows the pattern.

Like most business owners, Linda had no experience in web design. That’s why she hired a professional to build her site.

After a false start, she finally ended up with a nice-looking WordPress site. The promise was that Linda would be able to easily update the site herself. The reality was a little more complicated.

Linda began scouring Google to find answers to her many WordPress questions. Eventually, Linda found WP Apprentice. And that’s where she finally got the WordPress support and training she was searching for.

Listen to our conversation:

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  1. Just listened in on “our story”, Kirk. You did a masterful job of capturing the essence of our conversation…impressive professional editing. Appreciate, too, the link to our business site. The experience was fun and I am delighted to have had a chance to rave about WPApprentice and all it has done for us, our site and our business!

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