Knitting Retiree Takes Up WooCommerce

Joan and Cats Joan Rowe is not your typical web developer. She didn’t start building websites until she was almost 70. And she’s not a fan of HTML.

Joan learned WordPress after discovering that she could use it to build professional-looking websites without coding.

Her first site,, turned out so well that she decided to try her hand at eCommerce.

After working her way through the WooCommerce Essentials course, Joan was ready to build her own shop. Six weeks later she’d launched, an online store selling her knitting creations.

I recently talked with Joan about her journey from retiree to website builder. You can hear that conversation below.


1 thought on “Knitting Retiree Takes Up WooCommerce”

  1. Wonderful, Kirk. Really enjoyed listening to Joan’s story with your comments. Her reason for selecting WPApprentice over a number of other “learn WordPress” sites was very similar to mine: the voice/pace of the instructor.

    So many current offerings have overly enthusiastic, hyperactive lecturers shouting out “awesome” and “amazing”. It becomes very difficult to focus on content when you’re being enthused all over!! I – and Joan, it seems – much prefer your calm and professional (though no less enthusiastic) approach!

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