High School Teacher Turns WordPress Pro

Julie FeirerSome people take our WordPress courses because they want to change their theme; others because they want to change their life. Julie Feirer falls into to latter category.

Julie was on a quest to quit her job and start her own business, but first, she had to conquer WordPress. She discovered WP Apprentice while searching for answers to some nagging WordPress questions.

After completing our WordPress Essentials course, Julie set up shop as Winterest Websites and began helping local businesses get online.

I talked with Julie about her journey from teacher to web designer, and the surprising benefits she’s experienced as a result of making the transition. Listen to our conversation below.

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1 thought on “High School Teacher Turns WordPress Pro”

  1. Another interesting journey! Julie’s reasons for liking WPApprentice mirror mine: it works so well for someone who is not technical, but knows what s/he wants to do on a site. Love how she had the courage to sell herself as a web designer before she really had all the tools at her disposal. Of course, the fact that she came from an English teaching background to web design and WPApprentice struck a huge chord with this former high school English teacher!

    Also, I really like the way you frame the interview, interspersing your words with Julie’s. It makes listening interesting and fleshes out the story, too.

    I’m going to check out both her business and her blog, thanks to your links.

    Great case study, Kirk…thanks.


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