How to Solve the WordPress Plugin Paradox

On the one hand, WordPress plugins empower you to do just about anything you want to with your website. On the other hand, too many plugins can slow your site to a crawl (and possibly even create security problems). In this lesson you’ll learn how to take control of your plugins and avoid some of the common problems that plague many WordPress users.

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress SEO

After you create your posts and pages you want to be sure that people can find your content. This lesson deals with the mysterious subject of search engine optimization (SEO). As you’ll learn, it’s really not so mysterious after all.

WordPress Backup Solutions: VaultPress

VaultPress is a hosted backup and security service. If your site is critically important to your business, VaultPress is well worth the monthly fee. In this screencast I take you on a tour of the VaultPress press website and demonstrate all of the services key features. I also provide some guidance on how to determine which backup solution is right for you.

WordPress Backup Plugins: BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a popular all-in-one backup and restore plugin. BackupBuddy allows you schedule your backups to run at regular intervals, and even allows you to automatically move your backups to a secure location. The plugin also comes with a restore script that will help you get your site back online quickly if something ever goes wrong.

Supercharge Your WordPress Site with Jetpack users don’t have nearly the freedom that self-hosted WordPress users have, but they do have some cool features that aren’t included in the stock WordPress distribution. After watching this lesson you’ll have the best of both worlds. The freedom of hosting your own WordPress site along with many of the features that make so great.

Add an Image Gallery to Your Sidebar

It’s easy to add a nicely formatted image gallery to any post or page. It’s just a bit more work to add a gallery to your sidebar. This lesson shows you how to make quick work of it with the Simple Gallery Widget.