About WP Apprentice

A Better Way to Learn WordPress

About WP Apprentice

WordPress powers over 36% of all websites. With so many users, you might assume that WordPress is easy — and it is, up to a point.

Unfortunately, “easy” isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes, it’s downright confusing (not to mention painful). And if you think WordPress is complicated, a lot of the available training requires an engineering degree to understand. That’s fine if you’re a professional web developer, but not so great if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner.

WP Apprentice is here to fill the training gap by providing high-quality WordPress instruction for non-technical business users.

Whether you’re building a new site from scratch or trying to figure out how to manage a WordPress site that someone else made for you, WP Apprentice is here to help you become more comfortable and confident in managing your site.

Our core training addresses all of the most common paint points for WordPress novices. And our more advanced courses help business users focus on things that matter most — like selling from your website and improving search engine rankings.

About Your WordPress Trainer

Our training is created by Kirk Biglione of Oxford Media Works. Kirk is a seasoned digital media professional who has helped clients with their websites and online business challenges for over two decades.

Kirk started his WordPress journey with version 0.7 (the first public release).

Kirk’s personal mission is to bridge the digital knowledge gap by helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to succeed online.

Since launching WP Apprentice, Kirk has helped tens of thousands of business owners establish an online presence, improve their websites, and transition to the world of commerce.