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The depth of the videos in the training library is amazing!!
Laura Riera
This course really opened up a whole new WordPress world of knowledge. You have taken something that sometimes overwhelms and simplified it into understandable and workable modules.
Nancy Breeding
I was going quietly crazy trying to work out how to get a theme to look the way I wanted. After going through these videos it has de-mystified the whole process.
David Jarrold
The chunking and sequencing of the content is superb and the supporting documentation and resources with each video is world-class.
R. Edward Turner, Ph.D.
I’m amazed by how many nagging issues discovered over the past year of trying to work in our WordPress site are explained with each new session of this course.
Linda Willis
The WP Essentials is just that – the absolute essentials for learning WordPress. It has been a huge help for me, especially in that I can revisit the various modules over and over, whenever it suits me.
Steve Stapelberg