Create a Collection of Links in WordPress

It’s been said that links are the currency of the blogosphere. Once you start blogging you’ll want to setup a collection of links to sites you read and recommend. Links help build community among bloggers, and they can also help new bloggers get noticed by peers (a good blogger will almost always follow a new incoming link and check out the site doing the linking).

This screencast demonstrates the WordPress Links module. You’ll learn how to create and organize links, and how to position them in the sidebar on your site.


  1. says

    Thank you for the great tutorial. The info is up to date and let me know what Bloggroll is! I hope you’ll continue to add and update your lessons.

  2. says

    Thanks, appreciated the tutorial, it was presented in a most easy to understand manner. One question which you may have covered, how do I advise other sites that I am linking do them? Do I need to seek their permission?

  3. Kirk says

    Richard, sites you’ve linked to should be pinged automatically — assuming they’re using WordPress or some similar publishing system. Generally, it’s not required that you ask permission to link to another site. However, if you have some reason to believe the site in question might prefer advance notice, by all means, send the site owner a message advising them of your intentions.

  4. Paula Charnock says

    Would you say this kind of link is more relevant to Blogs than Websites?

  5. Kirk Biglione says

    Yes, definitely. The Link module was originally intended to create and maintain a blogroll. It’s being phased out now.

    Still, there are some creative ways to use links on a regular website. I’ve built websites for professional associations that need to maintain links to various government websites and resources, and organize them by category. The Links module is perfect for that.