How to Write a Post in WordPress

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This tutorial introduces you to the WordPress post edit screen. You’ll learn the basics you need to complete the most common WordPress action — writing a post.

Advanced post features and formatting are covered in other tutorials in this module.

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  1. David Stowers says

    Thank you. Just getting started and this was very helpful and I’m glad you take it slow and methodically for us beginners.

  2. says

    this is great. I am already getting this link to my clients for whom I set up blogs. I have them look at it and then we go over things. While things change every time WordPress updates, this still gives them the basic foundation.
    Thank you very much for this site.

  3. says

    Thanks so much. We’ve just launched a new website in the WordPress format and this training video really helped me to better understand the publishing tools.

  4. says

    HI Kirk,
    just wanted to give you a BIG thumbs up for your WP training videos. I’ve only watched 2 of the videos so far and all I can say is, Great job and many thanks
    for all you have put together here!!!!

    Now its time to watch and learn more from a very informed WP teacher…

  5. Alex Sandoval says

    Hi Kirk,

    After writing a post, how do I get the title or content of that post to appear if a “search” is done within the Website? Excellent videos. Thank You

  6. Kirk says

    Alex, the title and an excerpt should automatically be displayed in search results on your site. If your theme includes a template named “search.php” you can modify that to customize the search results layout.

  7. Lucy Payette says

    Hi Kirk,

    I have to put about twenty pages of text in WordPress, is there a tool I can use instead of the Paste from Word Button in WordPress? I can’t use this button even if it let less hidden code. It is not for a personal use. I hope there exists a better solution than to write manually all this text? I wandered why my text was so bad formatted some time.
    Thank you for your help. Excellent videos.


  8. Kirk Biglione says

    Hi Lucy,

    Is there a reason why you can’t use the paste from Word button?

    If your post formatting looks bad and the source is Word, then you need to get the cleanest version possible into WordPress. There are a few ways you can do that without having to re-type everything.

    You can also copy and paste to a plain text program like Notepad or Textedit. Then copy the plain text version from Notepad into WordPress. That will also eliminate all formatting.

    Once you’ve pasted your clean document into WordPress you can use the toolbar buttons to format the post (bold, italic, links, etc.)


  9. Learon Owens says

    Within the “Visibility” tab if I choose Private and published only I would be able to view on the live site? I see the “Preview” option to the right but am curious if there is a difference in either one since I am the only person viewing on the private selection?

  10. Kirk Biglione says

    That’s correct. You can preview the private post because you are the author. If you try to access from another browser (one that isn’t logged into WordPress) you should see a 404 error (file not found).

  11. Erlinda Tom says

    Hi Kirk,
    I’ve been working on my website for a “long time”…when I get frustrated I stop or procrastinate. I must say that every time I go over your Word Essentials video I feel that I can still reach “the light at the end of the tunnel” and ready again to move on to finish my website. LOL! Thanks.
    Question: Since I already “copy and paste” all my contents from Microsoft Word without using WP tool for copy/paste from Microsoft Word, some of my contents didn’t look like the way I wanted; should I delete them and copy/paste using the WP tool?

  12. Kirk Biglione says

    Hi Erlinda,

    You’ll get there eventually. Just keep at it!

    Regarding your content, you don’t need to delete your posts, but you do need to edit each one of them and re-copy the text using the Paste From Word button. Do that for the ones where you notice the formatting is not quite right on your site.

  13. Linda Willis says

    So now I know more I hadn’t realized despite “working around” in WordPress edits for a while. This lesson showed me block quotes, link to a page on your site and read more buttons. Thanks, Kirk! Now for pages …

  14. Mel Williams says

    Hello Kirk: Your lessons are great, I wish I would have found WordPress Essentials before I developed my first WordPress Website; I am new and still in the learning process.
    Some of the issues i have in editing/formatting a page not exactly like MS Word etc.
    1) How do you adjust line spacing within the content of a page example single space vs double space.
    2) How do I change fonts on a paragraph basis.
    3)If I change Permalink after the page is published the only way I can see to display the new Permalink/URL is by using a redirect.
    Any advice is appreciated.

  15. Kirk Biglione says

    Thanks Mel,
    To your questions:

    > 1) How do you adjust line spacing within the content of a page example single space vs double space.

    Everything related to typography and design is controlled by the CSS in your WordPress theme. Take a look at the Beginner lessons on CSS and HTML for a more in-depth explanation and some examples.

    There’s also quite a bit more information about how WordPress themes work in the Theme Mechanics webinar.

    > 2) How do I change fonts on a paragraph basis.

    CSS again. Modern web design is all about stylesheets. If you have some special formatting you need to apply regularly to paragraph text, the best way to go about that is to create a CSS class that applies that formatting. Then you can add the class to individual paragraph tags as needed.

    Some themes include special shortcodes to simplify this process. Consult your theme documentation to see if that’s the case for you.

    > 3)If I change Permalink after the page is published the only way I can see to display the new Permalink/URL is by using a redirect.

    I’m not sure I follow. WordPress will automatically generate the use the new permalink each time page is accessed. The archive pages that link to the new permalink will be updated automatically too.

    If you’ve manually embedded a link in a post, that *won’t* be updated. You’d have to edit those manually.

    If you have inbound links from 3rd party websiter to old permalinks, then yes, you’ll need to use a redirection to get visitors to the new page.

  16. Gerald Hafer says

    Kirk: is there a way to put “boiler plate” text into the editing space so that when adding a new post, you always have a standard disclaimer appear below the text just entered. Most of the posts on this page of our site contain continuations and links to external sites, so I want to always add the disclaimer. Thanks.

  17. Kirk Biglione says


    I think the best approach would probably be to add that disclaimer to your theme template. That way the text appears below all every post (current and future). Also, if you ever need to change the text it’s just a matter of updating your template.

    Look at the single.php file in your theme folder. I also recommend setting up a child theme before making any changes like this. Then make your change to the child theme. That ensures that your change won’t be overwritten when your theme is updated in the future. Take a look at the Theme Mechanics Webinar for more info on creating the child theme.